All Star Cheerleading

Our teams help kids grow in confidence and strength as they learn the fundamentals of the sport of cheerleading.

All Star Cheerleading Programs

Nfinity Cheerleading – All Star Elite

For our more advanced cheerleaders. Nfinity Cheer of Baton Rouge prides itself on increasing the confidence and self-esteem of our cheerleaders through physical and mental strength building. Our cheerleaders compete on a national level and are known for our precision and athleticism. Our All Star Elite teams are very competitive and require an addition level of commitment. Prior experience is required to be selected for these teams.

Nfinity Cheerleading – Prep Cheer

Perfect for Beginners and those who aren’t ready for all of the commitment of an Elite season. Cheerleaders will learn all the elements of All Star Elite cheerleading and compete at one local cheerleading competition. Two seasons are available. August – December and January – April.

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What services does Nfinity Cheer offer?

All Star Elite Team – Advanced Cheerleaders
All Star Prep Team – Beginner – Intermediate Cheerleaders
Individual Lessons – One on one, personalized training
Summer Cheer & Tumbling Camps
Cheer Tryout Clinic- Preparation for middle school and high school tryouts from judges point of view

Where is Nfinity Cheer Located?

11913 Sun Belt Ct. Baton Rouge, LA 70809. Inside of the LA Athletics Building.

How do I get started with Nfinity Cheer?

Getting started with NC is simple. You can Fill out the Information form below and someone from our team will contact you within 24 hours, you can email, or call us at 225.242.9056.

Does my cheerleader need to have experience before they join a team?

That will depend on which team. Our All Star Elite teams do have certain requirements. However, for our All Star Prep teams no previous cheer experience is required.

What the right age to get started in cheerleading / Is my cheerleader too young to begin?

Nfinity Cheer accepts cheerleaders as young as 1st grade. Competitive cheerleaders will benefit from starting early as 1st grade. Many cheerleaders begin when they are older than 10 years old. Most cheerleaders will begin when they are 8 or 9 years old.

How long does the cheer season last?

Our All Star Elite and All Star full year prep teams season begins in May and last for 12 months. All Star Prep half year teams  teams will begin in August – December and January – April.

What can I expect at cheer practice?

Cheer practices will consist of tumbling, stunting, dancing in a routine work. Coaches use their time to build confidence in our cheerleaders and teams, as well as teach discipline and proper technique.

What to expect from Cheer Tryout Clinic?

Our Cheer clinics are designed to give advice and the best training from the judges point of view. We focus intensely on jumps, motion technique, spirit, working the crowd, voice and confidence. Clinic will be held at Louisiana Athletics, Baton Rouge Location.

Is there a lot of traveling involved with Nfinity Cheer?

NC All Star Elite / Prep teams will travel to competition(s) within 3 hours. However, prep teams will travel to only 1 competition.